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Researches and Publications

IMMSP-UCEWP team was established in 1986 as a unit for the simulation of radionuclide transport in surface and subsurface water after the Chernobyl accident. The developed for this task codes are included now into the several EU decision support systems for offsite nuclear emergency ( RODOS, POSEIDON). During last years the team diversifies its activities. Now the main fields of the activities include the development and implementation of following models (the references in the brackets only to the publications of the last four years, the full texts of them can be downloaded from this page)

  • 1-D, 2- D and 3- D models of the currents, thermodynamics, sediment transport an waves in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, cooling ponds of the power plants, coastal areas of the seas [ 1-7].
  • 2-D runoff model for small watersheds [8].
  • 1-D, 2- D and 3- D models of radionuclide transport in surface water [ 1- 4,8]. The models were tested and implemented for the different kinds of the water bodies in Ukraine [1-4,9], Siberia [11], Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Germany [ 12 ], Greece [13], for the Black, North and Baltic seas [14,15], Mediterranean straits [16].
  • 1-D, 2- D and 3- D models of water quality and eutrophication [7,17]
  • Model of the oil spills in the seas [18]
  • Model of the radionuclide uptakes in the marine organisms [19].
  • Models of water and radionuclide transport in vadose zone and groundwater [20,21]
  • Model of toxic heavy gas dispersion in boundary layer [22]
  • Adaptation for the Ukrainian territory of the PSU/NCAR mesoscale numerical weather prediction system MM5 and its coupling with radionuclide atmospheric dispersion model [23]

There are provided researches on the purification of the numerical algorithms, and development of the methods of the assimilation of the monitoring data in the numerical models on the basis of Kalman filtering procedures and adjoint equations. The developed methods and models are implemented into the decision support systems [12-15, 17, 23].

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  2. Assessment of doses to potential exposure groups from collapse of the Chernobyl cooling pond dam S Kivva, N.Dzjuba, A.Dvorzhak, M.Zheleznyak, Annex 3 to the Report for European Commission (EC) Directorate-General ENV.3: 'Drawing up and evaluating remediation strategies for the Chernobyl cooling pond'" , Report for European Commission (EC) Directorate-General ENV.3 Project No ENV.C.2/SER/2000/ 0064 NNC Limited, UK, 2002
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  5. A non-hydrostatic numerical model for calculating of free-surface stratified flows in the coastal sea.Yu. Kanarska, V.Maderich , Book of Extended Abstracts of 11th International Biennial Conference on Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas, PECS-2002, Hamburg, September 17-20, 2002
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  22. Implementation in Ukraine of the RODOS System for Off-Site Emergency Preparedness and Response. - W.Lins. M.Zheleznyak (Eds,) Chapters from the Report on Tacis project TA REG 02/3, Kiev, June , 2002

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