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M.Sc. Gennadiy Donchyts

Birth Date: 1977-08-10

Position: Researcher

Fields of work: 1D models development, scientific software design and development, model GUI, system programming, DB design

EMail: don@env.kiev.ua

ICQ: 55589572


Selected Publications:
  • Ya. Sorokin, G. Donchits, N. Slyakhtun, K. Kolomichuk, O. Levchuk, D. Gofman, M. Zheleznyak, УUser Interface of the Hydrological Dispersion Module of RODOSФ, RODOS-WG4-TN(97)02
  • M.Zheleznyak, G.Donchytz, V.Hygynyak, A.Marinetz, G.Lyashenko, P.Tkalich, RIVTOX - one dimensional model for the simulation of the transport of radionuclides in a network of river channels, RODOS-WG4-TN(97)05
  • Ya. Sorokin, G. Donchits, A. Popov, HDM User Guide, RODOS-WG4-TN(99)19
  • J. Hoyby1), L. Iritz2), M. Zheleznyak3) , V. Maderich3), R.Demchenko3), G.Donchyts3), N.Dzjuba3) Water Quality Modelling to Support Management of the Kakhovka Reservoir, Dnieper River, Ukraine Hydroinformatics-2002
  • ?????? ?., ????????? ?. ???????? ?????? ????????? ? ?????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ? ?????????????? ??????? ???????. Ц ?????? PDMU-2001, International Conference on Prediction and Decision Making under Uncertainties, September 11-14, 2001, Taras Shevcheno University, Kiev. p.17
  • Gennadiy Donchyts, Mark Zheleznyak, Object-oriented framework for modelling of pollutant transport in river network, ICCS2003, accepted

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