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M.Sc. Sergey Shatohin

Birth Date: 1980-08-26

Degree: Master of computer science

Position: Developer

EMail: Sergey.Shatohin@cbrsoft.kiev.ua

ICQ: 55375425

    1997-2003 National Taras Shevtchenko University, Cybernetics faculty, Applied Mathematics bachelor, Master of computer science
    Positions held
    Software developer since December 2000
    Relevant experience
    Monitoring and forecasting system of an environment conditions for the State Committee ?f Water resources of Ukraine.
    • Documentary reports forming programs developing;
    • Development of the visualization block programs;
    • Development of the data editing block software;
    • Development of the automated database administration software;
    • Development of the programs for the automated Dnieper cascade of reservoirs control system.

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