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Dr. Ivan Kovalets

Position: Modeller

Fields of work: Atmospheric dispersion of pollutants

EMail: ik@env.kiev.ua


Dr. Ivan Kovalets

Full name: Dr. Ivan V. Kovalets
Date of birth: 14 December 1973
Address: Glushkova Str., 42, Kiev, 03187, Ukraine
e-mail: ik@env.com.ua

(1996-present time) Institute of Mathematical Machine and System Problems (IMMSP) of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Department of environmental modeling, Senior researcher
(09/2002-03/2003, 09/2005-03/2006, 11/2007, 05/2010-06/2010) National Research Centre "DEMOKRITOS", Institute of Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection. Environmental Research Lab., Athens, Greece. Visiting Scientist.

Civil status: Married, 6 children.

PhD (fluid mechanics), 2002.
PhD Dissertation "Dynamics of heavy gases in the atmospheric boundary layer", was presented to Scientific council of the Institute of Hydromechanics of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine Superviser, Dr. Vladimir Maderich.

MSc (Applied Mathematics and Physics), 1996
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow.

Scientific interests:
meso- and local- scale meteorology, atmospheric dispersion, data assimilation, environmental & computational fluid dynamics , regional climate modelling


  • Prize of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "For Youth Contribution in Ukraine Development"(2008)

  • Grants of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine for Young Scientists (awarded in 2001, 2005, 2007);

  • EURATOM grant for young scientists (awarded in 2002 and in 2004);

  • Grant of the Prezident of Ukraine (2004);

  • Scholarship for young scientists of the World Federation of Scientists (WFS) (2004);

  • NATO Reintegration grant (2006);

Selected list of research work and projects:

  • (2010-2012) CRDF funded project ‘Formulating and Evaluating Water Resources Adaptation Options to Climate Change Uncertainty in the Carpathian Region’ – Project coordinator of Ukranian Team; meteorological downscaling of the scenarios of climate change with WRF model

  • (2010)EU funded prohect “Enhancing the Research Potential of the NCSR ‘Demokritos’ Environmental Research Laboratory in the European, National and Regional Research Areas” – invited scientist. Developed source inversion algorithm for ADREA-HF CFD model.

  • (2010) Project with Chalk River Laboratories, AECL, Canada on “Benchmark testing of RODOS-ADM against ADDAM IST”. Responsible for verification of JRODOS atmospheric dispersion module.

  • (2009) Ukrainian funded project on risk estimations from hazardous objects of Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant. Responsible for assessment of radon atmospheric dispersion from uranium mill tailings and contaminated buildings

  • (2006-2009) NATO reintegration grant "Atmospheric Pollution Data Assimilation for emergency response", (developed new data assimilation algorithms for atmospheric dispersion model)

  • (2007-2008)grant of the NAS of Ukraine for young scientists "Improvement of MM5-Ukraine Numerical Weather Prediction Model"; Project leader. Responsible for the development of the MM5-Ukraine and WRF-Ukraine NWP models which are used for operational weather forecasting at METEOPROG Web site (http://www.meteoprog.ua/en/)

  • (2008) project with Nuclear Research & Consultancy Group (NRG) "CFD modelling of pollution in street-canyons" (Adapted DETATOX CFD model for street canyon modelling. Performed modelling of scenarios of urban street pollution)

  • FP6-EURATOM fellowship,09/2005-03/2006, "RODOS System Meteorological and Atmospheric Dispersion Module functionality enhancement by introduction of numerically efficient algorithms". (Visiting Scientist in NCSR "DEMOKRITOS, Greece. Enhanced numerical efficiency of ADREA-I, ADREA-diagn, ADREA-HF models of NCSR "DEMOKRITOS")

  • (2004-2009) EU FP6 EURANOS project "European approach to nuclear and radiological emergency management", (Integrated atmospheric dispersion models ATSTEP, RIMPUFF in edesigned RODOS system - JRODOS)

  • (2004) Research grant for young scientists of the World Federation of Scientists (WFS) "Improvement of the 3D numerical model of dense gas dispersion in the atmosphere" (Research fellow. Developed new parameterizations and obtained new results concerning interaction of heavy gas clouds with atmospheric surface layer)

  • (2000-2004) project "DAONEM" "Data Assimilation for Off-site Nuclear Emergency Management"; funded by EU (FP5) (developed data assimilation method for 3D marine model THREETOX; enhanced numerical schemes of RIVTOX model of radionuclide dispersion in river networks with the use of splitting algorithms)

  • (2000-2005) project "DSSNET" "Improvement, extension and integration of operational decision support systems for off-site nuclear emergency management - DSSNET" funded by EU (FP5) (Responsible for excersize runs of RODOS-Ukraine system)

  • FP5 EURATOM fellowship, Rodos-Migration/grant-IK, 09/2002-03/2003, "Introduction of data assimilation techniques in the meteorological pre-processor of the RODOS system" (Visiting Scientist in NCSR "DEMOKRITOS", Greece. Developed DA method for MPP of RODOS)

  • (2001) TACIS project "Implementation in Ukraine of the RODOS system" funded by EU; (responsible for adaptation of atmospheric dispersion models of RODOS)

  • (1996-1999) Grant of the NAS of Ukraine for young scientists "Development of the Complex of Mathematical Models for the Estimation of the Man Caused Accidents on the Contamination of Air and Rivers" Project leader; developed 3D CFD model DETATOX of dense gas dispersion in atmosphere.

Computer Skills: Windows2000, Unix, Linux Programming in C , C++, Fortran90, Java, Matlab.

Experience with scientific software: MM5, CALPUFF-CALMET, WRF

Selected Publications:

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