CRDF project "Software system for coastal engineering"



Next Steps to the Market Program

Grant UKG2-5 82-KV-05

Software System for Coastal Engineering

Project participants:

Project Duration: 1 October 2005-31 September 2007

1. Project Objective:

The objective of this project is to enhance the prototype software system CHEWPCE 1.0, developed within CRDF FSTM project, up to the level of market valuable product targeted as a flexible, user friendly, software toolbox for assessments of coastal areas hydrodynamics, erosion and deformation under the various structural and vessels generated impacts.

2. Statement of Problem:

The market demand for coastal engineering software from Coastal, Hydraulic Engineering and Consulting companies for the projects performed by state and federal agencies of the United States, and by construction companies, is high because such software tools provide significant benefit to coastal projects. The FSTM project, which resulted in a prototype version of new software (CHEWPCE 1.0), has revealed the possibility of market targeting of CHEWPCE as a unique functional tool by combining the models that simulate impacts of marine structures with models that simulate vessel impacts, including coastal erosion generated by ship waves and propeller jet flows. The existing on-market comprehensive software systems produced in the US (SMS) and EU (Mike 21, Delft -3D) do not include tools for the simulation of the vessels impacts and have shortcomings in terms of sophistication and their very high implementation and purchase costs.

3. Proposed Work:

The pilot software system CHEWPCE 2.0 will be developed on the basis of the prototype system CHEWPCE 1.0 to increase code performance and to extend its functionality. The modules developed within FSTM will be improved:

CHEWPCE - HWAVE – wave diffraction, refraction and transformation on bottom inhomogeneities and currents;

CHEWPCE - CUR – nearshore 2-D currents;

CHEWPCE - SED – Eulerian simulation of the suspended sediment;

CHEWPCE - MORPH – morphodynamics;

CHEWPCE - LAGR – Lagrangian modeling of sediment dispersion. New models/codes will be developed;

SHIPWAVE2D model of propagation and runup of the long waves caused by the vessel in coastal areas, navigation channels of the ports;

NH - JET model that will provide possibilities to simulate washing out of the sediments from the bank slopes and bottom under influence of the vessels propeller generated turbulent flow.

To increase the modeling system performance the special version of the modeling system CHEWPCE –PAR will be developed for the parallel computations on the basis of the networks of the PC's or for a cluster system. The Graphical User Interface of the system will be significantly improved to make it more flexible and user friendly.

4. Project Participants:

UCEWP is a consulting and software development company specializing in environmental and water management, river and marine computational hydraulics, physical oceanography. The main clients in the Ukraine are state agencies that are responsible for the environmental protection, emergency response, and coastal zone construction. The UCEWP team was involved in the set of EU (INTAS, INCO-COPERNICUS, 4-th -5-6th Framework RTD Program Projects) on coastal zone hydrodynamics and pollutant transport and the development of the relevant software decision support systems.

Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) is a leading coastal engineering consulting firm with offices in Edmonds, WA; San Francisco, CA; and Austin, TX. CHE's goal is to provide clients with specialized coastal engineering services to help them construct coastal projects. CHE routinely develops and applies numerical modeling software systems for the simulation of coastal and environmental physical processes. These modeling tools allow quantification of the physical environment and evaluation of project impacts.

5. Expected Results :

In combining the contemporary user-friendly interface, the most appropriate models, including new unique models of vessel impacts on a shore, with a reasonable software price, will provide the practical software tool for the market of coastal engineering companies and consultants. CHE and UCEWP, following development of the software system, will be able to jointly apply the system to projects in the United States and overseas.

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