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History and Profile

Ukrainian Center of Environmental and Water Projects (UCEWP) is the Ukrainian company specializing in R&D, Consulting, and Software Development. Its team emerged in 1986 as a unit within Branch of Environmental System Analyses of the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems (IMMSP) of National Academy of Science of Ukraine for the simulation of radionuclide transport in surface and subsurface water after the Chernobyl accident. Models and codes developed by UCEWP were successfully used for the development of Chernobyl Emergency Preparedness and Response System as well as for the development of several EU decision support systems for offsite nuclear emergency (RODOS, POSEIDON).

During last decade the team diversifies its activities developing the modeling tools for the number of the environmental management and environmental emergency problems, implementing both its own .in house. models and the free distributed models from different sources. UCEWP has been formally re-established as a legal entity in 1999 by the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine and by the scientists from IMMSP to involve the experts in information technologies, radiation safety, environmental & health risk assessment, environmental engineering, ecology, hydrology, oceanography, meteorology, river and marine hydraulics, environmental and water management into the national and international interdisciplinary projects in the following fields:

  • Water objects modeling and management (Watershed Hydrology and Ecohydrology; Hydrothermodynamics of lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, seas; Water Quality Modeling; Groundwater contamination; Flood forecasting; Coastal areas hydrodynamics (including coastal erosion) and coastal areas water quality modeling)
  • Risk Assessment/Risk management (Decision support systems for nuclear emergency and environmental/water management; Radionuclide transport in water systems; Risk Assessment; Environmental & Health)
  • Meteorology (Meteo forecasting; Urban meteorology, air pollution)
  • Development of computational models (River and Marine Computational Hydraulics; Algorithms Engineering for Environmental Data Processing)
  • Environmental Software Development (System Development & Integration . DSS for environmental and emergency management; Data Analyses and Visualization; DB & GUI ; GIS; Web services)


UCEWP has a permanent staff of 30 person in Kiev and 10 persons in the Uzhgorod branch office, expanding, in case of necessity, by contracting the soft engineers and experts depending on the requirements of a projects received.

Management Board

Team founder and leader - Mark Zheleznyak
Background before 1986:
Hydrology (MSc, Odessa Hydromet Inst, Diploma with distinction Moscow Hydrometcenter, 1973)
1975-1986 Dept of Coastal Hydrodynamics, Institute of Hydromechanics, Kiev Nonlinear waves modeling (one of the first in the world numerical nonlinear dispersive model known in USSR and Russia as Zheleznyak-Pelinivsky equation)
Coastal areas hydrodynamics, turbulence modeling
PhD Computational Fluid Mechanics. 1983, Dept of Math and Mechanics, Kiev National University
Since 1986 he provided researches in Environmental Modeling with the applications for the assessments of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and other environmental problems. He has over 15 years of teaching experience as the lecturer at the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev and supervisor of PhD students. In 2004 was awarded the Ukrainian State Prize in Science and Technology, the country.s highest honor, for his work on computerized systems for decision support in the effort to mitigate the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, in 2006 received the President of Ukraine award "For Merits".
Expert and team leader in many international projects and organizations.

Team co-leader (since 1996) - Vladimir Maderich
Background before 1996:
Physical Oceanography (PhD Moscow Hydrometcenter)
Fluid mechanics . stratified flow 1975-1996 Institute of Hydromechanics, Kiev, Dr Sc Fluid Mech)
Prominent physical oceanographer, well known in USSR and the CIS.
Since 1996 - UCEWP/IMMSP team leader of the studies on 3D environmental hydrodynamics modeling. Leader of the set of EC, INTAS, CRDF projects.
In 2005 -2006 remote team member - visiting professor- environmental modeling lecturer in S.Korean University.

Head of Water Management Section - Andriy Demydenko
Ph.D in Theoretical Physics and Biophysics (1983) from Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kiev.
Since 1986 leader of several governmental and non-governmental environmental organizations, including management of International Department of emerged Ukrainian Ministry for Environmental Protection (1991-1994).
From 1994 . independent consultant in the field environmental policy, environmental and water resources management (IWRM, water-related environmental aspects, resource allocation, demand forecasting and decision support analysis to assess sustainability of land and water resource use). Proven record of management of teams of experts for different donor agencies (USAID, UNDP, Europaid, WB) projects in the field of environmental management. Joined UCEWP in 2005.

Head of Software Development Section - Alexey Primachenko
M.Sc . Computer Engineering (2000) Kiev Technical Univesrity
1,5 years experience on software engineering work in leading German national laboratory.
Team Leader/Project manager of the set of international software outsourcing projects.

Financial Director - Mrs. Ludmila Udovenko

UCEWP Models

UCEWP staff has developed a set of 1-D, 2-D, 3-D models that are used for the simulation of water dynamics , radionuclide and other pollutant transport in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, estuaries, coastal areas of seas, groundwater. UCEWP staff after the works in mitigation of the consequences of Chernobyl accident has an unique experience on the efficient combination of its own models and the models used on world market to solve the challenging problems of environmental pollution and natural hazards, The team provided the modeling of all compartments of the environmental systems in the number of the national and international projects of high significance. The developed models and result of its implementation are presented in the publications of the top ranking journals and proceedings of the international conferences.

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