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Software Development Resources

    Programming Languages/Technologies/Libraries

  • C/C++
Programmers Heaven - C / C++ Zone(resources for beginner to advanced programmer)
The C++ Programming Language(Bjarne Stroustrup's web page, author of the C++ language)
GNU Version of The C++ Compiler(status, documentation of the GNU C++ compiler)
C-C++ Users Journal Web Site
Compaq Visual Fortran Online Documentation(online version of the FORTRAN language reference)
GNU FORTRAN 77 compiler documentation
Quiz: Fortran90
A Fortran 90 set of pointers
  • Java
Java Guru(a lot of very useful FAQ's, frequently updated and forums for all java technologies)
TheServerSide.com J2EE Community(lots of information, including free Java books)
JavaBle.com(good java russian site with full version for english users)
Sun Java Web page(roots of the java technologies)
Borland(JBuilder and other java tools)
Jboss(the open source application server, even better than commercial ones)
IBM developerWorks Java technology zone(IBM Java technology zone)
Apache Java technologies
Java on HP
The Struts Web Application Framework
Java virtual machine
Rational Software
  • C#/.NET
.NET 247(the fastest growing and one of the most trafficked .NET developer resource sites for articles, a newsletter, programmers reference and more)
C# Corner
.netWire(the source for Microsoft .NET news)
CodeProject(good website with some C# articles and other windows technologies)
  • Delphi
Borland delphi
Delphi Super Page
Delphi Pages
DelphiGroup.com - Business Advisors and Market Makers/
  • Web Scripting (JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, PHP, ASP)
Microsoft VBScript Home(Home of Visual Basic Script at Microsoft's site. Containing documentations, samples, downloads, links, etc.)
VBScripts.com the VBScripter's resource(The website devoted to VBScript and its uses)
Doc JavaScript(A JavaScript how-to column with biweekly prescriptions, that are sure to improve your JavaScript health)
Perl Institute(The Perl Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Perl available, usable, and free for all)
PHP(free server-side HTML embedded scripting language)
ASP Today (features original articles by, and for, programmers)
ASP.NET Web The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site Home Page
CoverYourASP - by James Shaw
DevASP.NET for ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML and C# (C-Sharp) Developers
ASP Tutorials from Active Server Pages .com
Programmingtutorials.com - Asp Tutorials
  • HTML, XML, XSL, XML Schema
The World Wide Web Consortium
HTML Station(This document links you to reference information and demonstrations of hypertext markup language)
Aid4 Website Design(This site has been established to help webmasters in their search for website development resources, sponsors, promotional tools, programming tutorial and various web tools)
VBXML(VBXML is the home of XML for ASP (Active Server Pages) and VB (Visual Basic) developers)
  • SQL/Database
MySQL: The World's Most Popular Open Source Database
PostgreSQL(sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS)
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle(Oracle database management system)
  • GIS
ESRI(the GIS software leader)
Mapinfo(Mapinfo mapping software)
  • Visualization
VTK Home Page
Springer LINK Computing and Visualization in Science
Annotated Scientific Visualization Web Site Bibliography
NCDC Climate Visualization
  • OO Design/Analysis, UML, CASE
Rational(Rational Rose, Rational XDE and other CASE/UML tools)
  • Internet Technologies (DHTML, XML, ASP, PHP, WebServices)
What the XML(XML information, articles and links)
XMLSoftware.com(The premier site for XML software)
XML.com XML From the Inside Out -- XML development, XML resources, XML specifications
  • Win32 (API, MFC, WTL)
Win32 Programming
Win32 API FAQ (C)1999 Serge Andyk
WIndows API Tutorials
Win32 Programming FAQ
Win32-MFC - Modern tools for modern business
Tips for Win32, MFC, Visual C++, COM, and JavaScript Software Developers
Win32 MFC application
The MFC Professional -- Links
CodeGuru - ATL-WTL Programming
The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials
  • UNIX (X Window system, Motif, Tcl/Tk)
Unix Guru Universe (for Unix system administrators to find their answers quickly)
  • COM/DCOM (Automation, ActiveX, ATL)
Official ActiveX home page(Microsoft Papers, Presentations, Web Sites, and Books, for ActiveX Controls)
Dr.Bob's ActiveX Files(Devoted to ActiveX, (D)COM in general and ActiveForms in particular, maintained by first officer 'Micha Somers'...". Covering ActiveX books, links, articles, etc.)
OpenORB(Java implementation of the OMG CORBA)
ORBit(C implementation of the CORBA)
ORBit-C++(C++ binding for ORBit)
  • Source Code Management Systems (CVS)
Home of the CVS
CvsGui(Windows GUI for CVS)
  • Software projects management software, groupware development
Bugzilla Project Home Page
Scarab(One of the best Open Source Issue tracking systems)
  • Open Source Code Repositories
SourceForge.net(the world's largest Open Source development website)
freshmeat.net(the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software)
  • Lotus Notes
Lotus Developer Domain
  • eXtrime Programming
eXtreme Programming
  • Other
net resources
programming world news
    Integrated software development resources
Intel Developer Services
IBM resource for developers
HP software depot
SUN one software
MSDN Library
Software Engineering Resources: R. S. Pressman and Associates(A large collection of online and offline resources related to software engineering)
Software Methods and Tools(Extensive information on software development tools, along with lists of developer resources )
Cetus Links:18,193 Links on Objects and Components
Software Development Process and Training - SPC
O'Reillly Net(the source of open and emerging technologies )
O'Reillly Resource Centers
    Journals and on-line overviews
Red Herring Online
Software Focus
News @ SEI Interactive
IEEE Software
SD Magazine
Software Engineer
Software in Focus
    Software development models and certification
Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Home Page
Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM or SW-CMM)
SEI Reports
ISO 9001
ISO 15504 (SPICE)
SPIN Software Process Improvement Network
Informational Hotlist for software process improvement
    Quality Assurance, Software Testing
QA Links
QA Forum
QA & Testing
Software QA
Software Assurance Hotlist
Tantara: Hotlist for SPI and SQA
    Modelling Software
The USGS Surface Water and Water Quality Models Information Clearinghouse -SMIC
USGS Surface-Water Software
Surface Water Modeling Software
Download software list (USA)
Water Resources Software - DMOZ Open Directory
Water Resources Software - Google Directory
BOSS International- Hydrology, Hydraulics, Groundwater Software
Scientific Software Inc.

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