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M.Sc. Gennadiy Donchyts

Birth Date: 1977-08-10

Position: Researcher

Fields of work: 1D models development, scientific software design and development, model GUI, system programming, DB design

EMail: don@env.kiev.ua

ICQ: 55589572

    Business address:
    Address: 252187, Kiev, Ukraine,Glushkova prospekt, 40, IMMSP
    Phone: +380(44)2661438
    Fax: +380(44)2663615
    E-Mail: E-mail don@env.com.ua
    Home address:
    Address: 252187, Kiev, Ukraine,Glushkova prospekt, 30, apt. 162
    Phone: +380(44)2663467
    Fax: +380(44)2663467
    E-Mail: E-mail don@env.co.ua
    Personal Information
    • Date of Birthday: August 10, 1977
    • Nationality: Ukrainian
    • Languages: Ukrainian - fluent/mother tongue; Russian - fluent; English - fluent
    • 1994-1999, University Study
      Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University
      Radiophysical Faculty
      "Development of the one-dimensional modeling system/model for the pollutions transport in the complex river networks", supervisor Dr. M. Zheleznyak
    • 1999-Е PhD study
      Institute of the Mathematical Machines and System Problems
      Department of the Environmental Modeling, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
      PhD study in mathematical modeling field
      "Development of the modeling system for simulations of pollution transport in complex river networks", supervisor Dr. M. Zheleznyak
    Professional/Research Experience
    Institute of Mathematical Machine and System Problems of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
    Department of Environmental Modeling
    • 1995-2000, engineer-programmer Software design/programming for the Hydrological Dispersion Module of the RODOS system in frame of FP4, FP5 EU and other projects, environmental modeling and visualization software development under Windows/X Window OS
    • 2000-Е Junior Researcher Development of the one-dimensional models for pollution transport modeling in the river networks, development of the data assimilation procedures for one-dimensional models
    Professional Computer Skills
    • Operating systems, administration:
      UNIX (HP-UX, BSD, Linux),
      Windows (NT/2000, 95/98/Me)
    • Programming languages:
      C, C++, HTML, Java, JScript, Perl, MSVC, MSVB, Assembler, FORTRAN, InstallShield
    • Programming libraries:
      UNIX (system/network programming, X11, Motif),
      Windows (STL, SDK, ATL, MFC, COM, ActiveX, MDAC)
    • DBMS, database development:
      MS SQL Server, AllbaseSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • GIS:
      MapInfo/MapBasic, ArcView
    List of Publications and Conferences
    • Publications:
      1. Ya. Sorokin, G. Donchits, N. Slyakhtun, K. Kolomichuk, O. Levchuk, D. Gofman, M. Zheleznyak, "User Interface of the Hydrological Dispersion Module of RODOS", RODOS-WG4-TN(97)02
      2. M.Zheleznyak, G.Donchytz, V.Hygynyak, A.Marinetz, G.Lyashenko, P.Tkalich, RIVTOX - one dimensional model for the simulation of the transport of radionuclides in a network of river channels, RODOS-WG4-TN(97)05
      3. Ya. Sorokin, G. Donchits, A. Popov, HDM User Guide, RODOS-WG4-TN(99)19
      4. J. Hoyby1), L. Iritz2), M. Zheleznyak3) , V. Maderich3), R.Demchenko3), G.Donchyts3), N.Dzjuba3) Water Quality Modelling to Support Management of the Kakhovka Reservoir, Dnieper River, Ukraine Hydroinformatics-2002
      5. ?????? ?., ????????? ?. ???????? ?????? ????????? ? ?????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ? ?????????????? ??????? ???????. - ?????? PDMU-2001
      6. International Conference on Prediction and Decision Making under Uncertainties ,
      7. September 11-14, 2001, Taras Shevcheno University, Kiev. p.17
      8. Heling R.(1) N.B. Verhoef, M. Zheleznyak(2), G. Donchyts, N. Dzhuba, A. Konoplev(3), A. Bulgakov, Towards the use of the river model RIVTOX for the evaluation of spills of organic pollutants in river systems
      9. Gennadiy Donchyts, Mark Zheleznyak, Object-oriented framework for modelling of pollutant transport in river network, ICCS2003, accepted
    • Conferences
      • 1996, Minsk, Belarus, RODOS conference
      • 1997, Kiev, Ukraine, RODOS conference
      • 1998, Trnava, Slovakia, RODOS conference
      • 1999, Rhodes, Greece, RODOS conference
      • 2000, Odessa, Ukraine, Modeling of radioactive pollution transport in Siberian rivers, INTAS project conference
    Participation in the projects
    • 1995-1996 Project for the Institute on Nuclear Power Plants (VUJE), Trnava, Slovakia "Development of decision support system for the environmental management of Vakh River- Kralova Reservoir after the accidental releases from the Nuclear Power Plant Bohuhice
    • 1996-Е EU (European Union). Project No. FI4P-CT95-0007 "RODOS: a real time on-line decision support system for off-site emergency in Europe"
    • 1996-Е Project "Inform-Chernobyl" (Subsystem Surface Water) for the Ukrainian Ministry of the Chernobyl Accident Consequences
    • 1997-1998 US AID/ US EPA-Ukrainian Ministry of Environmental Protection Project "Modelling Study of Water Quality at Dnieper-Bug Estuary", the system development
    • 1997-1999 EU INCO-COPERNICUS Programme. Project "Enhancement of the EU Decision Support System RODOS and its Customisation for Use in Eastern Europe", programmer-analyst on the development of the interfaces of the Hydrological Dispersion Module of RODOS system
    • 1998-2001 Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) project, "The Environmental Project of the Water Resources Management of Kachovka Reservoir and Lower Part of the Dnieper River"
    • 2000-Е INTAS project, "Radioactive pollution transport modeling in the Siberian rivers"
    Grant of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for Young Scientists (2001-2002)

Selected Publications:

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